About Dr. Beth

Dr. Beth Milwid is a psychologist and management consultant with over 20 years of experience. She specializes in career development, strategic communications, employee training, and executive coaching.

Beth Milwid served as a training manager at Apple Computer and senior manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers and Ernst & Young. Her clients have ranged from companies including US Airways, Charles Schwab, and the Tom Peters Group to nonprofits such as the Stanford Medical School and Marin Interfaith Council.

Dr. Beth has also worked as a career consultant at two outplacement firms, Valerie Frederickson & Company in Silicon Valley and Drake Beam Morin in San Francisco. During the past two years, she helped 60 individuals who lost their jobs find new opportunities. These clients included engineers, attorneys, college counselors, administrative assistants, sales managers, and loan officers living throughout the United States.

Dr. Beth conducted a national research project on women’s careers and published a book, Working With Men, the first oral history account of American women in business. Her research was featured on the cover of Savvy magazine and book syndicated in 13 newspapers. Dr. Beth appeared on Larry King, Good Morning, America, NRP, and CNN, and spoke at conferences and universities across the country.

Beth Milwid graduated Phi Beta Kappa Magna Cum Laude from Stanford University. She was awarded a Coro Foundation Fellowship in Public Affairs and received a PhD in Social/Clinical Psychology from the Wright Institute in Berkeley

Dr. Beth enjoys music, comedy, writing, and travel and makes it a point to get to know people from all parts of the world.