Essentials of the job search

Despite the slow economy,  people are finding jobs.

  • How do they do it?
  • What have they learned?
  • How can you benefit from their experience?

Getting the right job may remain challenging for some time. The good news is we’re witnessing more and more success stories and from them learning how to adapt yesterday’s job search methods to today’s needs.

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How to interview in today’s market

Preparing for an interview requires THINKING BIG and thinking small.

The thinking big part means keeping some general principles in mind before and during the interview. The thinking small part means being aware of details and choosing your words and actions with precision.

Below I’ve listed five main points you need to remember. Below that I’ve listed 35 “tips from the trenches,” specific pointers that help people do well in interviews. The 35 tips are broken into categories so you can zero in on which ones you need when.

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The new networking is net-worthing!

What do you do when you apply for jobs and never hear back from employers?

What do you do?  You network.  Today there are wonderful ways to network using social media, and I’ll describe them in a later blog posting. Today I want to explain how face-to-face networking has changed and how you can use it in your job search..

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Make sure people will read (not just skim) your resume

Getting past gatekeepers

Imagine you’re a recruiter.  Imagine you have a stack of resumes piled high on your desk.  You don’t have time to read them carefully, so you skim them (at best).  Those that look interesting you save, those that don’t, you toss.

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Let’s get rid of pronouns

Pronouns are confusing.

They’re confusing because they’re used in place of nouns and stand for: 1) people; 2) places; and 3) things.   And they’re easy to get mixed up. Pronouns are words like 1) I; 2) you; 3) he; 4) she; 5) it; 6) we; and 7) they.  (I can’t believe I remember both of these lists from eighth grade, but there you have it).

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Get to know a techie

“Knowledge workers are the career wave of the future.  Knowledge workers gather, analyze, and otherwise make data do tricks that supposedly lead to profits.  They converse with computers and cruise the internet.  Someday, everybody will be a knowledge worker, and civilization will collapse because no one will be left to cook dinner.” –  Hal Lancaster, The Wall Street Journal

For the past 20 years I’ve worked with technical people, and, frankly, I’ve loved it.

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