Services for Organizations: Introduction

Dr. Beth provides three services to organizations:

  • Leadership coaching
  • Meeting facilitation
  • Communications training

Leadership coaching

Dr. Beth helps leaders master the human side of management, that gray area where issues are fuzzy and hard to quantify. Many managers find the “soft stuff” the hardest part of the job.

Dr. Beth has coached a wide variety of leaders – executives, middle managers, first line supervisors, small business owners, hospital administrators, school principals, and nonprofit board chairs. Today her coaching focuses on the people skills leaders need most in challenging times:

  • How to manage with fewer staff
  • How to keep up morale after a layoff
  • How to motivate different generations in different ways
  • How to communicate with customers, colleagues, and the public
  • How to retain talented employees
  • How to prepare for pivotal one-on-one meetings

Meeting facilitation

Dr. Beth has led meetings and retreats in business, government, and nonprofits for more than 20 years. Her style is professional, yet upbeat, and her approach focused, yet fun.

Before each meeting, Dr. Beth helps clients clarify desired outcomes and build an agenda. After the meeting, she teaches participants the facilitation skills they just observed her using.

Dr. Beth was trained by the founders of Interaction Associates. She has facilitated groups ranging from executives to educators to attorneys and from artists to city council members to grandparents.

Communications Training

Employees are moving so fast these days that effective communications are becoming a thing of the past. Leaders are concerned because a lot is at stake.

Most people working in organizations have good writing and speaking skills. The problem is that when they are tired and stressed (which is often), employees take short cuts and miscommunications occur. The results range from minor misunderstandings to serious errors.

Dr. Beth helps organizations turn this trend around. She teaches business writing and speaker seminars designed for a world exploding with information. She understands that workshops must be practical, handouts must be easy-to-read, and the skills taught need to be useful immediately.

Below is a partial list of Dr. Beth’s communications workshops:

  • How to speak well in person, on voicemail, and in conference calls
  • How to write clear emails and social media copy
  • How to make powerful presentations
  • How to prepare for performance reviews
  • How to cut stress by solving team conflicts
  • How to read people you’ve just met

Organizations save time and money when staff communications improve.