“Beth Milwid’s book is both outstanding and thoughtful. It is honest, personal and smartly done – a little like reading Studs Terkel and Dr. Ruth rolled into one.”
Scott Turow, best-selling author

“The optimism with which you addressed issues in the workplace is indeed refreshing. Everyone found your comments interesting, informative, and perhaps most importantly, pertinent. We hope we’ll have the opportunity to host you again.”
Cori Krane, Diversity Forum, Stanford University Graduate School of Business

“During our five-hour Board retreat, Beth kept us focused, yet achieved 100% participation. Everyone left feeling we had accomplished a great deal. Beth knows how to make meetings work.”
Stephen Bischoff, Executive Director, Mental Health Association of Alameda County

“Your keynote address couldn’t have been more appropriate. Your message of importance delivered with style and humor had a great effect on the audience. Two corporate CEOs were so impressed they have already agreed to serve as underwriters for next year!”
Fritsi Ericson, President, Nevada Women’s Fund Salute to Women of Achievement

“Beth Milwid has written an important book. I had judged myself sophisticated on the issue of professional women’s plight in business settings. Yet I was stunned by her readable findings. I learned a lot – and hope the book will be especially widely read by male managers.”
Tom Peters, Chief Executive Officer, Tom Peters Company!

“I was very impressed with the Commencement Address you delivered to our graduating class. Students and faculty have mentioned to me how much they enjoyed the speech and how on target it was about the work world and the future.”
Kenneth Blasé, Chair, School of Journalism, California State University, San Jose

“Beth has strong communications skills, both written and spoken. She is an excellent writer and can simplify complex business and technical information. She has a great attitude and is a hard worker with a positive style.”
Mark Laret, Chief Executive Officer, UCSF Medical Center

“Your talk was exceptionally well-presented and well-received. The audience responded enthusiastically and was definitely drawn in to want to learn more. You really made the issues come alive!”
Ruth Wolfstein, Professional Women’s Organization, Apple Computer

“Thank you for the tremendous work you did in planning and facilitating our staff retreat. Without qualification the entire staff felt that you conducted the session in an excellent fashion. Your ability to plunge into our messy environment, allow a little space for order, and leave us enriched by the process will be forever appreciated.”
Michael Saunders, Executive Officer, HandsNet

“Your presentation was very well received by the students, and your information was so valuable. I urge you to continue to work with students on campuses. What you have to offer is what they need to hear.”
Diane Thompson, Career Advisor, California State University, Hayward

“Thank you for once again facilitating a very successful event for our Board of Directors. We were all delighted that so much was accomplished. Not only did we get a lot of business done, but we also lowered barriers and reduced fears among Board members.”
The Reverend Kevin Tripp, Executive Director, Marin Interfaith Council

“Thank you for your outstanding participation in the “Every 15 Minutes” program. Your willingness to assist us and provide guidance and support is unsurpassed. This retreat, in particular, was a complete success.”
Laurie Smith, Sheriff, County of Santa Clara

“Thank you for the outstanding presentation. I especially appreciated your positive attitude. Because you did something about the problem instead of letting the problem control you, you have set an example for women all across the country.”
Janis von Thaden, Education Chair, Commercial Real Estate Women