Put music in your voice

The following is a true story about the power of voice in the workplace.

Several years ago there was a customer service call center whose business results were dropping.  Few customers were calling.   Of those who did call, few purchased any products.  Customer complaints were coming in at record rates.  Calls were taking more time to complete. The amount of time between calls was also up.

The CEO of the company decided to bring in an efficiency expert to solve the problem.   When the consultant finished his analysis, his final report contained one observation, one recommendation, and one prediction.

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Looking for a job online is just part of your search

Many people are using 20th century strategies when looking for a job, despite the fact that they’re using 21st century tools to conduct it.  Their strategies need updating.

Looking for a job is hard under any circumstances, but today it’s become really challenging.  It’s true that the number of jobs available is limited, but I believe something else is also going on.

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Why write a resume?

If you’re like most people, you have two main thoughts about resumes: 1) they don’t predict how well you’ll do on a job; and 2) you detest writing them.  If you share these sentiments, join the club.  I’ve worked with hundreds of candidates, and most agree resumes are unreliable, out-of-date, and agony to write.

If resumes don’t work, why do we still use them?

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The 7 stages of your career

Your career has 7 predictable stages.

  • Each is characterized by a specific challenge.
  • If you meet that challenge, you move to the next stage.
  • If you don’t, you remain at that stage until you do.

Read over the list and decide where you are today.

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