Communications Training

Great communications have four things in common: Brevity, Clarity, Simplicity, and Humanity.

In today’s fast-paced world, communications break down easily. Individually, miscommunications seem small. Taken collectively, though, vague emails, mumbled voicemails, confusing conference calls, and boring meetings are costing organizations millions. Dr. Beth can re-introduce Brevity, Clarity, Simplicity, and Humanity into your organization’s daily communications.

Dr. Beth offers seminars and tutorials that teach employees to improve their writing and speaking. Hers is a hands-on, practical approach.

Here is a partial list of Dr. Beth’s communications workshops:

  • How to write clear and effective emails.
  • How to write for social media.
  • How to leave voicemails that motivate people to call you back.
  • How to make conference calls work.
  • How to lead meetings that are productive and fun.
  • How to make presentations people remember.
  • How to interview candidates for jobs.
  • How to read people – anywhere.

If you have a communications need not listed above, call Dr. Beth. Together you and she will design a program to address it.

Dr. Beth provides a free 15-minute phone consultation so together you can decide if there’s a fit. Dr. Beth works with clients in person, over the phone, and via Skype.