Meeting Facilitation

Think of the time and money you waste when important meetings go poorly. Now think of the resources you could save and opportunities you could create if your meetings were designed and facilitated by an expert.

Dr. Beth is available to facilitate meetings of all shapes and sizes. In the past 20 years, she has successfully facilitated staff meetings, customer dialogues, professional conferences, press conferences, community forums, and meetings with donors. She facilitates offsite retreats and onsite meetings.

Meeting Facilitation

Clients contact Dr. Beth when a lot is riding on an upcoming meeting. She considers each assignment a unique design problem and gathers a great deal of advance information. Working with the client, Dr. Beth explores the purpose of the meeting, the backgrounds of participants, the topics for discussion, and the desired outcomes.

Next, she prepares a draft agenda for the client’s review. Once it’s approved, Dr. Beth and the client visit the site together and finalize logistics.

Dr. Beth’s role in the meeting is to keep the group focused, achieve 100% participation, and reach consensus wherever possible. Her style is upbeat, but focused, and her pacing fast, but not rushed. At the end of the meeting, Dr. Beth recaps the discussion so everyone is clear on next steps.

Dr. Beth believes a meeting can’t succeed if it’s not planned, and it can’t be productive if it’s not led with care.

If you’re planning a critical meeting that needs to go well, call Dr. Beth. She can describe her services in the context of your needs and help you decide if a facilitator would be useful.

Dr. Beth provides a free 15-minute phone consultation so together you can decide if there’s a fit. Dr. Beth works with clients in person, over the phone, and via Skype.