Leadership Coaching

Why is the soft stuff always the hard stuff?

Leadership coaching provides experts in their fields the outside perspective of an expert in people. Dr. Beth addresses the staff problems that tie up your time so you can get back to the business at hand.

Managers like Dr. Beth’s coaching for several reasons:

  • It zeroes in on real problems.
  • It provides practical solutions.
  • It’s a time-limited investment.
  • Its results are immediate.

Dr. Beth works with different types of leaders:

  • Technical staff with little experience managing people
  • Individual contributors recently promoted into supervisory positions
  • High performers identified as future leaders
  • Project managers working with cross-functional teams
  • Individuals leading international teams in different time zones
  • Managers reporting to diverse stakeholder groups
  • High-visibility executives

Here are some specific skills Dr. Beth can help you develop.

* Communicating with staff, customers, and colleagues

  • Giving instructions staff understand the first time around
  • Making good use of email, voicemail, and conference calls
  • Delivering presentations people remember
  • Updating the media on a regular basis
  • Conducting meetings so you get more done and have fun

* Developing and retaining talented employees

  • Hiring the right person for the job
  • Motivating different people in different ways
  • Conducting performance reviews that help staff meet or exceed expectations
  • Managing high potential individuals
  • Choosing your successor

* Managing in times of rapid change

  • Specifying what’s in it for everyone involved
  • Creating strong project teams
  • Getting buy-in from informal leaders
  • Providing stress management onsite
  • Keeping productivity high

* Supporting staff through crises

  • Resolving conflicts within the team
  • Calming upset customers
  • Supervising difficult individuals
  • Managing staff with personal problems
  • Encouraging a work/life balance

Dr. Beth can also help you prepare for upcoming meetings with important individuals.

Dr. Beth conducts research on the person’s background, analyzes the information, and presents a strategy for communicating with him or her in a specific situation.

Dr. Beth has extensive experience predicting human behavior. She can provide you with insights into people that you’re not likely to discover otherwise.

Dr. Beth provides a free 15-minute phone consultation so together you can decide if there’s a fit. Dr. Beth works with clients in person, over the phone, and via Skype.