Changing Careers

When you find your life work, your life works.”

Dr. Beth assesses your interests and work style, suggests possibilities, and supports you through the process of starting anew. Her coaching helps you examine options, make necessary preparations, and enter a new field in record time.

Do any of these statements apply to you?

  • You know where you want to go, but not how to get there.
  • You don’t know what you want to do, but need to leave your current job.
  • You left the workforce to start a family and don’t want to return to your old position.
  • You like your subject matter but not your daily tasks.
  • You took career tests long ago, but the results are no longer relevant.
  • You worry it’s too late to make a change.

These concerns are justified. In many cases, choosing a first career was a matter of chance. Maybe you saw a recruiter on campus and decided to stop by. Maybe you got a job through a friend and stayed on at the company. Maybe you were hired for a position, and one thing just lead to another. If your choice of career wasn’t intentional, your current work may not be a fit.

With thought and planning, you can find your life work at any age. You can also learn the best ways to begin it.

Career change coaching with Dr. Beth has three parts:

  1. You start by taking a three-generation history of work within your family. Together you and Dr. Beth draw a “family org chart,” a kind of family tree graphically depicting the work your relatives performed. She points out themes that run across your family’s history, and you discuss those that have meaning to you today. Dr. Beth’s clients leave this session amazed at what they’ve learned.
  2. Next, you and Dr. Beth identify the work activities you find motivating and explore the kinds of job that require them. You may have a gift for launching businesses. Or you may gravitate toward counseling and teaching. Your talents may lie in communicating information, or in managing operations, or in scientific research. After you determine the specific tasks you prefer, you’ll look at careers that use them most. Your most satisfying career options will be those that combine personally meaningful themes and daily tasks you enjoy
  3. Finally, you and Dr. Beth will develop a detailed plan for researching opportunities in two or three of the fields you’ve identified. The plan will include goals, timelines, regional preferences, and a budget. Dr. Beth will be available to coach you as you put it into practice.

The process of exploring and beginning a new career is exciting. You deserve to discover your life work.

Dr. Beth provides a free 15-minute phone consultation so together you can decide if there’s a fit. Dr. Beth works with clients in person, over the phone, and via Skype.